Operating Tips:

CNC Vertical Machining Center

The bed and main casting are high intension and high quality cast iron. Wide bed, A –Line high intension and high rigidity column. Feed axis links directly with precision rolling -ball screw drive by servo motor and high precision no spaces coupling, has no backlash. Spindle units are drived by spindle motor and timing belt, noise is low, libration is small, heating power is a little. Guide-way and rolling-ball screw drive are used of automatic time and ration lubrication system. May select fourth axis NC rotary table or NC dividing head.

CNC Horizontal Machining Center

A prevalent inverted “T”shaped layout is in the base frame, which is high in rigidity of the integral structure and is not creative of any overturning during the full stroke. The base frame manufacture by five-sided machine high-precisely machining centre , finish most work in one chucking. A grouped 600 angular contact ball bearing 15 adopted in the lead screw , which 15 doubly supported and pre-tensioned ,50 as to increase the machining precision.

CNC Double Column Machining Center

The structure of the whole machine is characterized by the high rigidity and high reliability. It is suitable for the processing of heavy and extra-heavy basic parts in the industries of metallurgy, railway, heavy machine, shipbuilding, electricity generation, automobile, aviation, printing and mold, especially the CNC processing of all kinds of plane, curved surface, space curved surface and hole with large weight and long height. It is widely applied in the rough and fine processing of complicated parts of plate, box and chassis.

July 24 2024