Operating Tips:

Shearing Machine

Hydraulic driven, welding blade body, whole machine structure welding with good rigidity and strength.Gas return structure moves smooth and swift, hydaulic return is available, with lower noisy and stable working performance. Cutting stroke could be adjusted when cutting different length plate, Both up and bottom blade have 4 usable edge. Plate clamping fixture uses independent hold down cylinder.

Press Brake

Welded construction, the stress of welded parts can be eliminated by vibration, high accuracy is achieved by this forging machine. Frame consist of right and left wall boards, working table, oil box, slot steel, synchronizing shaft, etc. Integrated hydraulic control system, more reliable and easier to maintain. Slide synchro system, adopt steel torsion bar synchro system, with high synchro precision. There are 2 synchro forks at the both ends of slide, making the movement effect balanced during operation.

Roller Bending Machine

The Roller bending machine is a machine used in sheet metal bending, mechanical correction. Dedicate to forming and bending the sheet metal. The machine can be completed the material pre-bending and rolling the ends of the cylindrical plate at once time, it can also shaping workpieces roughly. It widely used in shipbuilding, boiler, aviation, bridges, utilities, chemicals, metal structures and machinery manufacturing industries.

Profile Bending Machine

Profile bending machine is a kind of high efficiency processing equipment which is specially used to bending various kinds of profiled steel such as angle steel, channel steel, I-steel, flat steel,square steel and round steel. It can one time finish the procedure of round rolling and round correcting. It is widely used in the field of petroleum, chemical industry, hyropower, ship building and machine manufacturing.

Pipe Bending Machine

Full hydraulic drove, PLC controlled with touch screen pipe bending machine, equipped with devices of pipe clamping, guide mould, mandrel, crease-resistant, assist pushing, pipe bending and so on. Under hydraulic operation, this professional, high speed and economic European pipe bending machine can bend various dimension both normal and abnormal shape metal pipes and bending angles are controlled by high precision imported encoder which ensures high precision of this machine.

Hydraulic Iron Worker

The hydraulic iron worker adopt hydraulic driving system and they are the latest iron workers in our country, various metal plate, square bar, Round bar, angle, channel and joist can be cut, punched and notched on the machine. It is also equipped with a stop device for cutting.

Hydraulic Press

This series of hydraulic press is suitable for metal sheet twice stretch forming, meet with many plane complex structure pressing. Particularly applicable to the following fields: metal containers class , large automobile cover parts , all kinds of mould debugging , motorcycle , voyage.

Mechanical Press

C-frame presses, also known as gap frame presses, open frame, or open front presses, consist of a frame shaped roughly like the letter "C,"with a bed at the bottom and a guide and support structure for a moving ram at the top. The frame may be a large casting, or a steel fabrication that is either welded or riveted. The bed, in turn, may be an integral part of the frame, or it may be moveable to adjust the distance between the ram and bed.

Air Hammer

This pneumatic forging hammer is widely used for general Forging works, such as drawing-out, upsetting, punching, chiseling, forge, welding, bending and twisting. It is also used for forge in bolster dies.

Coil Sheet Processing Line

Cutting accuracy and precision thanks to the machine solidity. High precise cut to length control. Completely eliminate stress. Accurate trimming. Tidy stacking. Delightful man-machine interface.

CNC Turret Punching Machine

New type CNC Turret Punch with high speed, more efficiency and lower noise. Adopt advanced mechanical servo ram-head, the max. Marking frequency is 1500cpm. Thick turret with sleeve structure, better guiding and higher precision, longer life-span of tooling. Four axis synchronized control function. Keeping-touch index tool position, proprietary technology from NISSHINBO. Support functions of wheeling, tapping and multi-tools. Rapid loading and unloading tools.

June 16 2024