Operating Tips:

Surface Grinding Machine

This surface grinder is used to grind the flat surface work piece, it uses mainly the wheel periphery for surface grind, but the wheel end surfaces can also be used for grinding the vertical surface of the work pieces. When working, the work pieces can be placed on the magnetic chuck or fixed directly on the table or with other fixtures according to various work pieces. The machine can be used for grinding steel, casting iron or non-ferrous metal.

Cylindrical Grinding Machine

The machine is intended for cylindrical, internal and taper grinding .It is specially suitable for workshops engaged in single-piece, small and medium batch production. The workpiece, cylindrical and internal grinding wheels, hydraulic and coolant pumps are driven by their separate motors. The table longitudinal traverse is actuated by hydraulic means at steplessly variable speed or operated by means of handwheel. The wheelhead rapid approach and withdrawal and intermittent feed are effected hydraulically.

Roll Grinding Machine

This grinding machine is of simplified mechanical structure due to the abundant adoption of world class control technology transmission technology which reduces the mechanical transmission links and maintenance while improving reliability and flexibility.State-of-art automation control software and user-friendly graphical interface. All the motors, including servo motors, spindle motors, are all of AC type and of renowned brands. All bearings, linear scales, ball screws, pumps, valves are all of renowned brands that are highly reliable.

Crankshaft Grinding Machine

The crankshaft grinding machine is used in automobile, tractor, diesel engine works and their repair shops to grind the journals and crankpins of crankshaft, also used in large engineering machinery and diesel engines for ships to grind crankshaft.
It has a property of simple structure, convenient operation and wide application, and is intended for use in automobile, tractor and boat-diesel engine repairing shops to grind crankshaft arms for medium-sized engines.

July 24 2024