Operating Tips:

Bench Drilling Machine

Drill press: spindle box, table, column and base are of high quality cast iron, and after aging treatment, steady and firm, durable; High precision, good performance, widely used in industrial equipment, machinery manufacturing and repair industries.

Vertical Drilling Machine

All main parts are made with quality cast iron. Single-speed motor, 12 step gear shift. Unload tool device and coolant, fender device. Drilling diameter above 35mm (including 35mm) with milling function. Strength spindle, large diameter column. Worktable could be rotated and could be inclined ±45°. Motor driven lifting of worktable. Micro feed is available.

Radial Drilling Machine

Strength spindle, with limiting protection for limiting position. Electrical box and coolant button is on the right of spindle box. Hydraulic pressure clamp, interlock of rocker arm clamping and up down movement, clamping of spindle and spindle box could be simultaneous or separated. Trochoid thin oil lubrication. With safety protection device

June 16 2024