Operating Tips:

Wire Cut EDM

Adopts imported high grade linear guide rail and screw rod. High precision-It adopts imported high grade linear guide rail and double nut screw rod. High finish-It adopts multiple wire cutting forms and automatic wire tensioning device for realization of multiple cutting, which can be on a par with low speed wire cutting. Extremely low molybdenum consumption and remarkable reduction of processing cost.Novel constant tension mechanism without need to tension the wire for long time.

Die Sinker EDM

The machine is formed with CAD precision computer, in good structure and high precision, and has reasonable back oil groove to insure clean and beautiful machine. Principal axis adopt high precision DC servomotor to insure high quality and long machine life. Can arbitrarily choose the methods of removing scrap iron, sweeping oil or sucking oil,also choose process that the workpiece is not submerged in oil. It suits to process cavity, hole and special shape parts in copper, plumbago, steel.   

Drilling EDM

Can drill wirecut starting hole,filter hole, jet hole, gas hole, group holes and hole of super depth etc.,drill small holes on the various conductive materials,even semiconductor material, especially stainless steel,chilled steel,copper,aluminium and hard alloy etc.,drill on oblique and curved surface directly.Can easily erode the drill and screw tap etc which is broken in the workpiece and not destroy the screw thread of the holes.The working water can be normal water or saponification fluid and no pollution is brought.

April 23 2024