Operating Tips:

Hack Sawing Machine

It has different speeds and a wide cutting scope, a high-efficiency arc-push saw which is one and a half times more efficient than that of noemal sawing machines, a new style V-shaped transmission belt which is very quiet(no louder than 74db). Its main electrical components are installed inside, thus giving it an elegant outer appearance and rendering if extremely safe. Automatic cutting process except gripping device and feeding mechanism, with protective system. Hydraulic transmission simple running easy upkeep.

Band Sawing Machine

Hydraulic control of blade vertical feed,stepless speed regulation. Resonable structure of guiding block ensures long service life of saw blade. Double column structure,stable operation. Steady cutting,high accuracy. Manual clamping of workpiece,easy operation.

Circular Sawing Machine

The circular saw features a double speed motor and with low noise can slow down through worm and gear. The HSS saw blade of our circular saw is highly efficient and durable. The double clamp structure can quickly clamp materials and rotate 45°from side to side for cutting. The safety hood of saw blade opens or closes according to the cutting needs, making it safety. The cooling system of circular saw can prolong the service life of saw blade and improve the precision of the workpiece.

July 24 2024