Operating Tips:

Shaping Machine

The main cutting motion of the machine is linear motion being converted from circular motion of gears by link block mechanism. With smooth transmission, short over run and less consume of power, the machine is easy to start and stop. If being provided with a tool lifter, the machine table can obtain rapid motion in vertical and horizontal direction. The machine, with pleasing appearance and stable accuracy, can be operated and maintained conveniently.

Slotting Machine

This machine is used to process planes, surfaces, key seating, etc, and it is suitable for the single-piece or small-batch production workshop.The main transmission mechanism is to transmit the throw-over motion of the rocker arm into the to-and-fro motion of the ram the operating plant form can move vertically and horizontally and revolve. It is able to achieve automatic feed and hand operating feed. Also it can move fast in case of breakdown, the platform will automatically stop feeding and achieve limit safety.

July 24 2024